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Get the most out of life

Life coaching is about achieving balance in your life. Looking at the dimensions of your life that matter to you including close personal relationships, family / friends, work / career, recreation, health, body, finance and targeting areas for change or re-balancing.

I will help you clarify meaningful goals to bring greater happiness or whatever benefit it is you seek. Helping you to identify realistic options and plans for change, encouraging you to the take action and achieve change in your life.

Difficulties and problems where life coaching can help include:

• Changing your work/life balance
• Improving your time management
• Changing career or lifestyle
• Increasing job satisfaction
• Stress management and reduction
• Enhancing life skills or social skills
• Help with decision making and getting motivated
• Personal development, growth and self awareness
• Confidence building
• Loss of meaning or purpose in life
• Happiness and fulfilment
• Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

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