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I saw John because I needed to declutter my mind and find direction in life and work. John was good in helping me to identify clear directions and also looking at the practicalities of accomplishing them. My work with John enabled me to develop ideas together with strategies to achieve them. The sessions were successful in that I now have workable ideas - and the skills to bring them to fruition. Thank you John.

Peter - Small Business Owner

I had the pleasure of working with John for just over a year now and he has been instrumental in helping me achieve a number of goals, both personally and professionally. Not only has my time working with John been beneficial in turns of tangible outcomes, it’s been enjoyable too!
Throughout our sessions John has been very professional in his manner, coaching and attitude. He is very calm and relaxed in his demeanour which has meant that I’ve never felt rushed, and it’s lead me to be more considered in my thinking rather than just saying the first thing that comes to my head. John creates a positive, non-judgmental and supportive environment which has allowed me to speak freely and explore ideas and possibilities which I may have not otherwise considered, as well as allowing me to feel listened to.
Working with John has really helped me structure my thoughts, clarify my goals and critically create stretching yet realistic objectives. This is something that I believe has really set John apart for me and has made a massive difference to me actually achieving my goals. I’m a very positive person with a strong ‘can do’ attitude, however I now recognise that historically I’ve had a tendency to be overly optimistic (read unrealistic!) about what I can achieve in the time I have. Working with John has really helped me to prioritise, set more achievable goals by helping me see what is realistic and as a result I’m actually able to keep myself accountable and achieve all the actions I’m committing to which is a revelation!
As a result of our sessions I’m more productive, I’m setting myself more realistic and achievable goals and am breaking down tasks into small manageable bite sized chunks.
I had a great experience working with John and would gladly recommend him to anyone who is looking for some professional support to make a positive change in their life or business.

Mary - Thrive Consultant

I approached John as I was struggling with work life balance and direction, with a full time job and busy family life. I particularly liked John’s easy-going manner and friendly, laid back questioning style. We talked easily and at length across many topics and John was always positive and supportive. Having transitioned his own career, I felt he could readily identify with my dilemmas. He set constructive targets that propelled me through some important changes and showed genuine interest in my progress throughout.  John is an excellent coach and I would thoroughly recommend him.

Sian - Teacher

The process of growth with John has been awesome.  His competency, confidence and approach have allowed me to explore many different goals with confidence knowing I would be leaving each time with empowering solutions.
John presented questions that shone a light in places that I would not have given consideration, challenged and resulted in unexpected greater outcomes.
I am grateful to John to be key and so central to so much of my growth in the months together.  As well as professional challenges he has played an important part in some key personal challenges.
I’m excited for my future progression to complete a course that I am studying and thank John for this great part in that.
I’d certainly recommend John as a coach of integrity and competency and wish him well on building a thriving coaching business.

Prakash -  Counsellor

With John's coaching and support, I achieved my end goal of securing a new job which fulfilled my personal and professional objectives
During our coaching sessions, John helped me explore and prioritise what was important to me, the steps to take to find the role and environment I was seeking, and agree realistic actions and timescales.  We also reviewed potential obstacles and challenges and ways of addressing or overcoming them.
I found John to be a warm and empathetic coach, yet who was firm in ensuring that I set tangible goals with clear actions and realistic time-frames for achieving them.  When I occasionally struggled to come up with possible actions to achieve the next objective, he was able to ask questions that would prompt another thought or idea from me so that by the end of the session a clear plan had been formulated.
The sessions and supporting documents were well structured and organised which, was immensely useful for making vague ideas and wishes more tangible and achievable.
It  was an extremely valuable and enjoyable experience that enabled me to achieve a significant life goal and I wish John every success in the future.

Anne - Freelance Marketing Manager

When I started the sessions with John I was very stressed and not functioning well in my job.  This was having a knock on impact in my home life and personal relationships.
I could not see the wood for the trees so could not see a way to fix the situation except to leave my job.
John helped me rationalise my thoughts and together we focused on small areas where I could reclaim some control.  From a downward spiral I was able to  reverse to gradually coming back up.
John didn't give me the answers but rather miraculously he gave me the ability to find my own solutions and thus feel better.
Six months in and I am still in my job; it's still tough but I cope much better with the stress and balancing this with other aspects of my life.  It really did come at a good time for me.

Sue - Chief Financial Officer

John has been a brilliant coach and has really helped me to define my goal and create realistic actions. John really celebrates success when reviewing progress which as a client is really encouraging and motivating. I always finish my sessions feeling positive and ready to complete my next actions.
John is reliable, always on time and very personable – I never feel rushed and always feel listened to which is very important to me. I’ve really enjoyed the sessions I have had with John and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting help to define their goals.
Thank you John!

Kelly - HR Business Partner

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